PCCA conference: 80 Years Later, Will History Repeat Itself? The Fallout of The Holocaust Over Those Affected. Looking Back, Moving Forward


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Director's Words

Dear Prospective Participant,

If you recognize in yourself that you are carrying the residues of past atrocities, either as one who participated in or as the carrier of the trans-­‐generational transmission of such traumas, and if you share the assumption that this burden is influencing present events on personal, national and international levels, you may wish to benefit from participating in PCCA's next conference:

80 years later, will history repeat itself?
The fallout of the Holocaust on those affected,
Looking back, moving forward

This experiential conference provides an opportunity to look back and recognize the influence of the Holocaust and other past atrocities, so as to allow us to move on and get out from under their pervasive influence, and doing so in the presence of the Other.

If we do not recognize what haunts and influences us as individuals and members of our societies, we are doomed to repeat our history.

If this resonates with you, you are welcome to join us in this unique opportunity of shared work.

I hope to see you,

Mira Erlich-­‐Ginor
Conference Director
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